ARTS 4021 GD2

Course Description
An in-depth exploration of graphic design with an emphasis on developing students’ abilities to find creative and functional solutions to a diverse range of design problems. Students will conduct research, form opinions, foster ideas, learn to analyze and discuss graphic design work and begin to develop a design aesthetic.

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Required Text
(lectures, discussions, and quizzes will come directly from this book)
Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team, 5th Edition

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Projects, Discussions, & Quizzes
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P1 Caribou Coffee Rebranding (100pts)
After being introduced to branding concepts, students will be asked to reimagine the Caribou Coffee Brand through the development of new logos, typography, colors, patterns, packaging, and various logo applications. A process book will accompany this project.

P2 Typographic LP Design (100pts)
Upon choosing a band of your choice, use Illustrator to create an album cover for a 12 inch vinyl record. Templates can easily be found with a simple Google search. A process book will accompany this project.

P3 Fresh Market Chocolate Packaging (100pts)
Ever been to a Fresh Market? If not you are missing out on a huge selection of chocolates and candies. For this project, students will be asked to create packaging for three forms of chocolate offerings targeting both the Fresh Market shopper as well as the aesthetic found in the store. A process book will accompany this project.

P4 Social Awareness Campaign (100pts)
Choosing a social issue that is important to them, students will create a design campaign in order to bring awareness to their issue. Students are free to choose whatever format and medium (print, web, social, video, interactive) they wish to use. The final piece must be message and concept driven. A process book will accompany this project.

Discussions (50pts each)
Students will be asked to participate in discussions inspired by the assigned text, lectures, and classroom discussions.

Quizzes (50pts each)
Students will be quizzed on information from lectures and the assigned text.