ARTS 4021 GD2

Course Description
An in-depth exploration of graphic design with an emphasis on developing students’ abilities to find creative and functional solutions to a diverse range of design problems. Students will conduct research, form opinions, foster ideas, learn to analyze and discuss graphic design work and begin to develop a design aesthetic.

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Project Briefs
P1 // P2 // P3 // P4 // P5 // Essay

Required Text
The Cheese Monkeys, Chip Kidd

Grading Opportunities (600 possible points)

P1 Magazine Cover & Spreads (100pts)
Using InDesign, students will design two double-page article spreads, a cover, and a contents page for a full-color, printed, weekly magazine. This magazine covers topics including contemporary culture, art, drama, music, and twenty-first century life.

P2 LP Album Design (100pts)
Using InDesign you will choose a band and create an album cover.

P3 Craft Brew Brand & Packaging (100pts)
Students will name and create a brand, including packaging, for a brand-new craft brewery. You will be responsible for creating a brand system, can design, six-pack box design, vehicle wrap and other paraphernalia using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

P4 Icon Design (100pts)
Using Adobe Illustrator, students will create a set of 16 icons following a theme of their choice. The icons must be created as vector artwork allowing for infinite scaling.

P5 Historic Westville (100pts)

Cheese Monkeys Essay (100pts)
Based on what you have learned in this class through projects and discussion analyze and explain why you think we read Chip Kidd’s The Cheese Monkeys.