AI-Exporting JPEGs

With your document open and properly named (name construct explained in AI-Saving a PDF), go to the Top Menu > File > Export > Export As…

You will now be presented with another window where you will need to make a few adjustments. First you will need to choose your destination. Second you will need to change the format of your images from the default “PNG” to “JPEG” in the Format drop down menu, finally, you will need to make sure that “Use Artboards” and “All” are selected. Before clicking “Export”, you window should match the one below.

Upon clicking “Export” you will be prompted with a JPEG Options dialogue window, where you need to make a final group of changes. These include changing the “Color Model” from CMYK to RGB and making sure that the resolution is set to High (300ppi). Again before clicking “OK”, make sure your window matches the one below.

After Clicking “OK” your JPGs will be exported to the destination that you chose previously. Organize these individual JPG files into one folder named “JPGs” and upload them to Google Drive.