InDesign-Creating a New Document

Once you have updated your preferences you are now ready to create a new document. Navigate to the Apple Menu > File > New > Document. The keyboard shortcut for this action is Command + N.

This action will prompt a “New Document” window to open. Here is where you will set all the specifics of this single document: Number of Pages, Facing Pages or Not, Size, Orientation (portrait or landscape), Margins, and Bleed. You can even set up a default number of columns and the gutter space if you wish.

*If you reach this page and your measurements are not in inches, cancel out of this window and follow the steps outlined in the Preferences How To.

For now we are going to focus on the basics.
Number of pages: At the Digital Rough phase you should be producing more than one idea on the computer. So enter in a number that gives you the ability to explore an experiment; in this case I have entered 10.
Facing Pages: For single page designs: posters, flyers and the like, you will want to uncheck this box. For projects that will include multiple pages: books, annual reports, brochures and so on, you will need to have facing pages. For Speaking of Design, since it is a poster, you will need to uncheck the Facing Pages checkbox.
Size: The size of your piece is going to change depending on the specifications of your project, but this is where you enter in those measurements.
Margins: Unless your margins have been specified by your client or professor these measurements are more likely to change as you finalize your design and can be set independently within the document.
Bleed: If you do not see where you can edit the bleed, there should be either an “Advanced Options” menu item or a small arrow next to the text “Bleed & Slug”. Either of these will give you access to where you can update the Bleed settings. For most printed pieces a 1/8 inch bleed will be sufficient. The decimal value for this is .125 and should always be set even if your final design does not go off the page.

Once you have set these items click “OK” to create your new document.

Now save you file by going to the Apple Menu > File > Save As…