Illustrator-Creating a PDF with Trim Marks

Once you have completed your self portrait you will need to create a PDF to print from. To do this go to the Apple Menu > File > Save As…

This will prompt a new window to appear. Save your file as LastName-First-portrait and then move to the bottom of the window and select the “Format” pull down menu and select Adobe PDF (pdf) from the list.
*Don’t forget to select the where you want your PDF saved. 

Once you have changed the name and selected Adobe PDF as your format, click “Save”.

Next you will be prompted by a “Save Adobe PDF” window. In this window you will make several changes. First, under the Adobe PDF Preset drop down menu, select “[High Quality Print]” as seen below.

Next select Marks and Bleeds from the menu list on the left and make sure that you check Trim Marks and Use Document Bleed Settings (remember your bleeds should be set to .125 inches). If your window matches the one below you are good to move to the next step.

Finally, double check all your settings and click “Save PDF”. Open your new PDF in Acrobat and continue to print. Remember your final printed piece should be no bigger or small than 4 x 6 inches and mounted on black foam core with a 2 inch border.