Illustrator-Locating Pantone Swatches

With your document open, navigate to your Swatches window pane.


In the upper right hand corner locate the additional items menu icon (note: your icon will appear different if you are working in CC 2015.)


Upon clicking the icon you will need to navigate down three levels in order to find your Pantone Swatches: Open Swatch Library > Color Books > Pantone+ Solid Coated. While there are numerous choices, please select Pantone+ Solid Coated.


Upon making your selection the Pantone+ Solid Coated swatch window will open allowing you to select any color you would like. As you gain more experience you may search out specific colors by name/number.


Once you have chosen your colors, proceed to create your tints (100, 90, 80, 70 and so forth) using the Color window pane as demonstrated in class.