Tech & Software

Purchasing a personal laptop
MacOs and the Apple ecosystem has been the traditional industry standard for graphic design, but that mentality has been changing. We will be using iMacs in the design studio and MacOS is a friendly and easy-to-learn operating system. However, if you are interested in buying a laptop (PC or MAC), please consider the following:

Memory (RAM) and Storage
When considering the purchase of a new computer, the two most important factors are RAM (memory) and Storage (SSD). You will want to purchase a computer with the maximum available memory (or RAM) and at least 1TB of storage. The use of Google Drive can lower local storage manageable, but I have found that to ensure the longevity of your investment more local storage is preferred. *Note: You get unlimited Google Drive storage as a CSU student for FREE.

Backup your Device
No matter which storage option you go with, you will want to purchase an external hard drive to back up the data on your machine. Apple has a built in application called TimeMachine and there are similar applications available for Windows machines.

Adobe Creative Cloud
As a student you can subscribe with Adobe for $20/month and receive the entire Creative Cloud Software Suite

Affinity Software
Update coming as I explore this option of software.